Nevada Senior Advocate’s mission is to support the needs of persons with disabilities and the aging population, their families and the agencies that serve them through advocacy to the various policymakers at the State, Regional and Local levels of government and the private sector.

NSA has put together a team of advocates that bring to disability and senior issues what we believe is a well rounded and grounded team that has a wide range of experience with senior issues and governmental processes. We also formed alliances with other senior and persons with disabilities organizations designed to assist policy makers in arriving at decisions that will benefit the Nevada Senior and disabled population.

During the session information about the budget and any policy bills that may impact persons with disabilities and seniors will be posted. Any amendments or changes NSA proposes will also be posted.

Between sessions, we will provide information on the interim activities of the Legislature, as they prepare for the next session. This will include information on meetings, reports they may produce, easy access to agendas and minutes and any reports they produce.